As one of the best preschools in South Delhi, RHYTHMS nurtures the parent community by establishing an ambit of mutual trust and cooperation.
Emergent Curriculum
The School follows an Emergent Curriculum which is well researched, age-appropriate and a blend of the best teaching practices around the globe.
The abiding philosophy of RHYTHMS is Anthroposophy (Steiner), which favours spiritual insights into human beings, treating each child as a unique individual.

Chairperson’s Message for Newly Admitted Students’ Parents
  |  Winner of the Award for “The Best Infrastructure in preschool segment” at Education Awards held in 2017 and “The Best Emerging Playschool of the Year (North)” at EdTech Review held in 2018.

A Few Words About Rhythms Kinderworld

Welcome to RHYTHMS, one of the top preschools in South Delhi – a world replete with nostalgia where childhood is celebrated not merely as wonder years of foundation laying, but as the most critical and sensitive window of opportunity in time, where a child is most receptive to learn with the least amount of effort. We are proud to partner parents in this emotional phase of weaning and constructing.

We abide by the tenet that every child is a young adult who deserves to be the cynosure of all eyes and must be treated as a precious & unique individual.

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Emerging Play School of the Year

Speech & Drama

Learning is made fun by incorporating Poetry, theatre, mime, puppetry, role-play, story-telling and creative writing in the classrooms situations

Music & Movement

It is a joyful tool to encourage kindergarteners to explore movement through music, helps in the development of motor skills, stimulation of imagination and promotion of creativity

Learning Centers

Theme based play areas typically designed within classrooms, students are provided with exciting experiences to practice, enrich, reteach, & enhance their learning

Short Tennis

It is a sport readiness program tailored primarily for young learners with an aim to improve their balance, coordination, agility, movement in addition to racket & ball skills

Occupational Therapy

By inculcating occupational therapy in the regular classrooms, developmental delays can be dealt more effectively and can even be avoided to a large extent


Through developmentally appropriate coding program, students learn to code and code to learn and design their own interactive stories, develop sequencing skills and learn early childhood literary and numeracy skills

Rhythms Learning Palette

Since children are blessed to constantly explore, they do not need to be taught but rather gently guided round the meandering bends as they wean off from home life. At RHYTHMS, the process is a gentle gradient keeping in mind the familial ties.

Catering to a wide range of age groups from 1 year old to 5 years old, we offer five programs

1 year to 1 year 6 months

Mom ‘n’ Me is uniquely conceptualised to lay a strong foundation in the early years of the toddlers. It aims to proudly partner the mothers for the toddler’s growth, development and achievements by shaping intrinsic skills and developing lifelong learning.

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