Ambient Air Purifier

Rhythms Kinderworld is one of the pioneer school of Delhi to embrace Ambient Air purification system providing safe and healthy learning environment to the Kindergartners.  (A constant temperature, the appropriate humidity, absence of bad smells and a germ-free environment are catalysts to an effective teaching learning process).

Mid-Morning Snacks

Mid-morning snacks are provided to the children, prepared in the Rhythms Kitchen under the supervision of the School Administrators. Apart from catering to the nutritional requirements, it is a time to catch up with table etiquette.

Incorporating music and movement in early childhood education, not only makes learning fun but also long lasting. A blend of Dance, Music, Rhymes & Rhythm, it also gives ample opportunity to the performers for creative and free expression.

School Transport

School provides cab facility for the pick-up and drop of the students from home to school and vice-versa. Well trained school nannies are sent to escort the students in the cabs to ensure personal touch and safety of the kids.

Security & Surveillance System

RHYTHMS is pledged to  anti-discriminatory practice with a cheerful, safe & motivating child friendly environment. Our children are encouraged to explore, roam, solve problems, engage in indoor and outdoor activities and experience real  life situations in a conducive atmosphere. Ample guards and surveillance cameras man the campus perimeters and building to ensure safety of the little kids.