KinderKids, is a programme for children between 4 to 5 years of age, a period which begins with awe and ends in wonder. At this juncture, learning outcomes are more tangible and evident due to higher content standards in vision, concepts, consideration and self-expression. It is a stage of revelations with highly visible progress in the child holistically. The major milestone in reading and language arts is the awareness of the relationship of ‘letters to words’ and ‘words to sentences’. Complimenting phonological awareness is also a noticeable vocabulary enhancement set by listening, emulating and identifying unknown words. It is during this significant phase that the child develops ability to read, write and communicate independently.


It is also a phase of exploration and discovery of numbers. Children develop an understanding of the cardinal principle and start identifying numbers up to hundred. They are also exposed to other mathematical readiness concepts like sorting, organizing, sequencing, estimating & measuring the objects based on their attributes. Some other significant changes are observed in them when they refine their imagination, skills and practice and develop logical, reasoning and problem solving ability. They become more conscious towards the environment and exhibit accelerated sensitivity and empathy towards each other. They start following rhythm and movement as a medium of expression and become more confident to communicate their ideas and feelings. There is a sudden increase in their stamina, coordination and balance and they appear ready for bigger goals.


RHYTHM KINDERWORLD is not about “just play” it is about “skills for life”.