Mom ‘n’ Me


Mom ‘n’ Me is uniquely conceptualized to lay a strong foundation in the early years of the toddlers. It aims to proudly partner the mothers for the toddler’s growth, development and achievements by shaping intrinsic skills and developing lifelong learning. It focuses on meeting each child’s physical, cognitive, language, socio-emotional and creative needs through developmentally appropriate learning practices. The program helps strengthen the mother-child bond by professional assistance of a facilitator. It endorses cooperative learning amongst facilitator, mothers and the toddlers.


Being the first exposure of the child to an outside environment, the child needs to be introduced to the new surroundings by a care-giver from home, preferably, either Mother or Father or any of the grandparents. This way, apart from being a great bonding experience between the child and parent, we also ensure high Emotional Quotient (EQ) for the child, making him adapt to the new environment happily and comfortably.


In Mom ‘n’ Me learning is induced with fun and creative activities to be done by toddler with the mothers assisting them. It is based on co-operative learning styles providing the mothers and toddlers to explore, discover, create and apply the skills. The mother discovers the potential of the child and provides the necessary stimulation to boost their talents. It is held twice/thrice a week for one and a half hour.