PreKinders curriculum catering to children between 3yrs to 4yrs of age is framed, keeping in mind the best early childhood practices at the National and Global levels.  It seamlessly stitches the gap between play and early learning making the transition flawlessly smooth and stress free.


Rhythms Kinderworld gives priority to imagination over knowledge, making it a journey of explorations, adventures and innovations with a plethora of activities for the students. Our inquiry-based classrooms stimulate healthy curiosity in a child-centric approach. It exposes the little ones to real-life situations, decision-making, problem solving, research and action-oriented activities for concept development. Consequently, students develop deeper and more profound understanding of these concepts. These children are encouraged to meet their developmental milestones through exploration and experiential learning.


With a more defined and higher level curriculum Rhythms Kinderworld learners graduate to developing life skills at this stage, such as communication, socio-emotional, cognitive, reasoning, self-help, gross and fine motor skills. PreKinders guides the child to be literate with a basic understanding of numbers, shapes, sizes and patterns. They are able to compare, analyse and conclude, express himself / herself independently, draw and colour, communicate confidently, understand the dynamics of ICT, follow social etiquette, be adaptive to the environment and develop empathy towards others.